Zeitmaschine User Guide: Calculate delay times, delay lines and file sizes. Convert time related values between sample rate, sample value and frequency. Convert milliseconds in beats per minute and vice versa.

DELAY TIME MODE: Zeitmaschine is a delay time calculator with all divisors and multipliers relative to the time measurement you have done. Calculate delay times in milliseconds (ms) and beats per minute (bpm). Set the desired tempo via the tab-button, or write it down in ms/bpm, all options will be computed and a huge amount of 21 matched delay times will shown up at once, including dotted and triplet values. Take these determined times and put it to the delay time display of your effect or sound device, use it to set the right attack and release times of your dynamics (compressor/gate) in addiction to the song tempo, or just convert ms to bpm and vice versa. Works with virtual-, 19“-, or stage devices (display needed). Zeitmaschine is a pretty quick app, brilliant for live engineering, where you can choose the perfect delay time in seconds, without scrolling the knobs of your FX-device back and forth. On the other hand you got an ultimate overview of alternative delay times, that´s great for doing experiments while mixing a track in a recording studio or in your DAW. You can use it on drums, vocals, guitars, ….you name it, and give them a complete new rhythmical structure. CONVERTER MODE: Convert time related values between sampling rate, sample value and frequency (Hz) assigned to bar, ½, ¼ (current), 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 beat length. FILESIZE MODE: Set the duration, bit depth, sample rate and channel number and get the filesize information for uncompressed files. Add the kbps rate to get the filesize for compressed files. DELAY LINE MODE: Set the distance to main P.A. in meter or feet, add the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit and get the right delay times to delay the main P.A. to the backline and the line P.A. to the main P.A. DELAY TIME MODE:The segment displays are active. Tap or swipe up each segment to increase the value (+1). Swipe down to decrease the value (-1). Hold each segment to neutralize (0). The input or feedback of the tap-button is allways based on a 1/4 time signature and not changeable. The numerical display depends on the divisor/multiplier setting. With the divisor/multiplier controller you can choose a factor between 1/256 and 4/1 in addiction to the ms/bpm input you´ve done and set all values automatically in relation to this divisor/multiplier. With reference to the adjustments you´ve done, there's a list of 18 values. Those displays are not active. CONVERTER MODE: With the sample rate controller you can choose a rate between 8000 Hz and 192000 Hz in addiction to the ms/bpm input you´ve done and set the sample values in relation to this sample rate. With reference to the adjustments you´ve done, there's a list of 6 values for each: ms, samples and Hz. FILESIZE MODE: Set the bit depth between 8 bit and 32 bit. Set the sample rate between 8000 Hz and 192.000 Hz. Set the channel number between mono and 32 channels. Set compression between 96 kbps and 320 kbps. DELAY LINE MODE: Set the temperature between 50 and -20 degrees Celsius/ 122 and -4 degrees Fahrenheit to determine the sonic speed. Set the distance (select meter or feet) between the backline and the main P.A. Set the distance between main P.A and delay line P.A. If you set a delay between backline and main P.A., you have to add both delay times to set a correct delayed line P.A. Note: Be sure to add at least 10 ms to compensate the Haas-Effect. ZEITMASCHINE IS ADD-FREE AND WITHOUT ANY ACCESS TO YOUR DEVICE!