Zeitmaschine is a tool for calculating delay times in milliseconds (ms) and beats per minute (bpm).


After you tap in the tempo, or write it down in ms/bpm, a huge amount of 21 different delay times will shown up at once, including dotted and triplet values. Take these determined times and put it to the delay time display of your effect or sound device, use it to set the right attack and release time of your dynamics (compressor / gate) in addiction to the song tempo, or just convert ms to bpm and vice versa.


Works with virtual-, 19“-, or stage devices (display needed).


Zeitmaschine is a pretty quick app, brilliant for live engineering, where you can choose the perfect delay time in seconds, without scrolling the knobs of your FX-device back and forth. On the other hand you got an ultimate overview of alternative delay times, that´s great for doing experiments while mixing a track in a recording studio or in your DAW. You can use it on drums, vocals, guitars, ….you name it, and give them a complete new rhythmical structure.


Check it out and enjoy the straightforwartissimo of Zeitmaschine.


 + calculate delay times

 + use it on delay, dynamic and sound devices

 + tap in or write down the speed

 + counts milliseconds or beats per minute

 + 21 different delay times at once

 + includes dotted and tripled values

 + works with every device (display needed)

 + superfast direct response

 + use it live or in a recording / mixdown session


Zeitmaschine is ad-free, and without any access to your smartphone or tablet.