Mixer is the integrated effects and performance tool of the sequenced sample box. It is intuitive operable without any menu scrolling and performance ready with the groupable options.

You can shape the sound for each channel with:

Delay 1

Every channel has it´s own full featured delay plus tap tempo, ms/bpm input and the possibility to sync the delays to future pattern speed changes.

Delay 2

Rhythm delay with eighth dotted, quarter triplet, eighth and eighth triplet time presets relatet to delay 1 or pattern speed.

Ring Modulator

Add and subtract the dialed in oscillator frequency to your sample frequency and bring them together again for some really weird results.

Bit Crusher

Reduce the bit depth to add noise and sustain, works also great in cooperation with the ring modulator.


Speed up or slow down the samples read speed, like a pitched tape recorder.


Place sound in the stereo field.


With group option for assigned channels.


Reverse sample playback with group option for assigned channels to swap the status quo.


Divide the sample length by factors 2/4/8 with group option for assigned channels to swap between your choice and full sample length.

NOTE: All of the blocks listed above can be assigned to the master toggle switch to swap the status quo.